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Learning Support News
The completion of the HSC Trial exams again marks the half way point of another busy term

The Learning Support staff continue to provide before school academic support for all students in the library. Mr Ray Fitt provides additional maths help to students, while Mrs Kathy Edwards continues to mentor and supervise students who are embracing the benefits of the Typing Club. As adults, we increasingly become aware of how useful word processing skills are both in the workplace and at home. In addition, the benefits of improved typing speed and accuracy adds efficiency and effectiveness to academic studies. With the increasing move towards online assessments, such as NAPLAN, word processing skills are becoming a valued asset.

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the past month has seen the census of the National Consistent Collection of Data for Students who require academic adjustments to meet their learning needs. This census occurs federally, providing information used to calculate additional funding needed for individual schools that require additional resources to support these students. The Federal government also uses this data to support future planning and budgeting.

During this process all schools identify the number of students, across a range of categories, who require some level of adjustment so that they can more successfully access the curriculum. For some students it may entitle them to separate supervision while for others it may be access to a reader and/or writer. These adjustments are the most commonly provided at St Edward’s College.

Many families may also be aware that enrolments for Year 7, 2019 have now been finalised. As part of our preparations for this, teachers from our primary Catholic feeder schools will meet at St Edward’s College next month for a brief meeting to outline and discuss strategies to improve this transition process. The successful and effective transition of students relies heavily on the exchange of relevant academic information sharing between the feeder schools, their Year 6 teachers and ourselves. The aim of this initiative is to make the boys transition from primary to high school more seamless.

Early next term some of our Learning Support team will undergo some professional training to support the introduction of Multilit into the College.

Multilit is a reading intervention program developed by Macquarie University to attempt to bridge some gaps that may have occurred in the early stages of learning to read. Once training is complete, it is planned to commence a trial in Term 4 with a couple of targeted Year 7 students who will complete a 20 minute session before school, 3-4 times a week. If this proves successful and effective we envisage offering this opportunity to other boys who may benefit from this intervention.

Ms Betty Kiekebosch
Learning Support Coordinator