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Industrial Technology Metal Visit to Crossmuller
Visiting Crossmuller at Somersby was an eye-opening experience that offered a fascinating glimpse into the world of advanced manufacturing and industrial automation.

As students interested in engineering and technology, everyone was particularly excited about this trip, and it did not disappoint.

The journey to Somersby was filled with anticipation. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the Crossmuller team, who began by giving us an overview of the company and its mission. Crossmuller specializes in designing and implementing custom automation solutions for various industries, and it was immediately clear that innovation and precision are at the heart of everything they do.

Our tour started in the design and engineering department. We saw how engineers use cutting-edge software to create detailed plans and simulations for automated systems. The level of detail and the complexity of the designs were impressive, showcasing the expertise and creativity required to develop efficient and effective solutions.

Next, we moved on to the manufacturing floor, which was a highlight of the visit. The sheer scale of the operations was striking, with advanced machinery, tradespeople and robotic systems working seamlessly together. We witnessed robotic arms assembling parts with incredible speed and accuracy, conveyor systems transporting materials, and automated guided vehicles navigating the facility. It was like stepping into the future of manufacturing.

One of the most intriguing parts of the tour was seeing a project in progress. We watched as a team of tradespeople which included welders, boiler makers, fitter and machinists, electricians and truck body builders, worked on integrating a new automated system for a client. The process involved programming, testing, and fine-tuning to ensure everything operated flawlessly. The engineers explained the challenges they faced and how they used their problem-solving skills to overcome them. This real-world application of engineering principles was both educational and inspiring.

Throughout the tour, the Crossmuller staff were incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share their expertise. They explained complex concepts in an accessible way and answered all our questions with enthusiasm. Their passion for their work was evident and contagious, making the experience even more engaging.

The visit also included a session on career opportunities in various trade careers, industrial automation and engineering. The Crossmuller team shared their own career journeys and offered valuable advice for anyone interested in pursuing a similar path. This insight was incredibly beneficial, providing a clear picture of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this dynamic industry.

In the end, visiting Crossmuller at Somersby was an incredibly enriching experience. It provided a comprehensive understanding of how modern manufacturing and automation work, from design and engineering to production and implementation. Seeing these technologies in action and learning from the professionals who create and maintain them was both educational and inspiring.

Students left with a newfound appreciation for the complexity and precision of automated systems and a strong motivation to pursue a career in this exciting field. For any student interested in engineering, technology, or manufacturing, a visit to Crossmuller is an absolute must.