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Industrial Technology – Intech Inclusion
At St Edward’s College, the Industrial Technology course is inclusive of the needs, interests and aspirations of students and it provides opportunities for them to express their creative abilities and hone technical skill development.

It also caters for students who wish to undertake further study in a related area at university level or to pursue further industry training.

Our HSC Industrial Technology Timber and Furnishing class of 2018 have produced the quality of work that demonstrates the preparation, perseverance and dedication that is necessary to create a showcase major work. The overall time spent for construction has amounted to over 100 hours per student and reflects the pride taken on each individual component and the finalised product.

We would like to congratulate Freddie Burraston in Year 12, whose major design was chosen for inclusion into Intech exhibition of HSC Technology projects at the Powerhouse Museum. This is an annual exhibition of outstanding major projects by HSC IT students, from 22 February to 5 May 2019. Freddie’s project was to redevelop the sporting facilities at Ettalong Oval.