Year 10 Geography Excursion

Recently Year 10 Geography students visited Terrigal/Wamberal Lagoon on an excursion regarding local issues.

Conducted over three days, the Year 10 Geography students undertook studies into the issues involved in the Terrigal region. Prior to the day students researched issues in the local area and Council future plans for the region. This year the major local issue was traffic flow and alternative road network.

As you can see from the photographs students tested water and soil quality and run off effects, mapping and locating improvements to amenities, measured long shore drift and sand movement, surveyed local business and examined current parking and traffic numbers.

Students submitted their geography reports on the day and the teachers have been highly impressed with the enthusiasm and cooperation shown by the Year 10 students.

A great example of Geography in the community.


Easter Show Promotion – Consumer Choice

In Semester 1 students in Year 9 Commerce were studying the topic, Consumer Choice. Students learnt how to identify, research and evaluate options when making decisions related to solving those problems and issues that confront consumers on a day to day basis. They also studied the various strategies that sellers use to promote products to maximise sales.

As part of their assessment, students created a 3-minute promotional video of the Easter Show to either consumers or to businesses. The aim was to promote the Easter Show to other consumers who are interested in attending or demonstrate to business owners the potential audience they could advertise to, over twelve days as well as showing them how much money they could potentially make if they choose to hire a stall at the Royal Easter Show.

All groups gave 100% and the results were not only informative but also entertaining.