Fun and Friendship at Year 7 Camp
School Camp = Hanging out with your mates for three days, making new friendships, creating lifelong memories…. What’s not to like!

The Year 7 Camp was awesome – as quoted by numerous students – and the challenging activities on offer certainly exemplified this: Archery, High Ropes, Sailing, Snorkelling, Giant Swing, Canoeing, Flying Fox, and Mud World. We were very fortunate that the weather looked after us and it ensured that everyone got to participate and feel included.

The behaviour of the students was excellent, and this was echoed by the teachers and group instructors throughout the entire three days. I was very impressed by the manners on display and the boys were constantly being praised for the way they carried themselves in this environment.

I was also proud to see our theme of belonging in action. On numerous occasions students were supporting others who may have been anxious or worried about a particular issue, and the level of care displayed was wonderful. One of the EREA Touchstones that we adhere to at St Edward’s is Inclusive Community, and this was personified in the actions and deeds of our students whilst on camp.

We left as many, yet we’ve returned as one.

Paul Sullivan
Year 7 Coordinator