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Environmental Portfolio
We have had a great start to the year with students and staff showing their commitment to Trash Free Tuesday.

With a promising start, student numbers are well over 300, we hope this is a permanent change and trend for students. This positive start reflects the support the College Executive have given to all environmental initiatives proposed by students. It shows that the College strategic plan is being implemented at all levels.

Our first Clean4shore was on in Week 4 and it was great to see that the positions filled up within 10 minutes of the announcement. Students who participate in this event, cleaning up the foreshores, are able to make the link between the rubbish they see in the waterways and what students are bringing for lunch. This has been a powerful agent for change with students who have participated in the event often bringing trash free lunch boxes every day.

Our first Portfolio meeting was held on Wednesday Week 4 with a lot of new staff and students present.  The Environment Portfolio has always had a strong student voice and we look forward to sharing their visions and inspiring our College community in upcoming newsletters.  Projects and initiatives for 2021 include Clean4Shore, Mufti Day Trash Free Tuesday, The Push Up Challenge, Movember campaign, Earn and Return recycling and other environmental issues such as recycling stationery.