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Education Perfect NSW Championships
Congratulations to St Edward’s College French students!

St Edward’s has done it again, our French students have come first in the French Education Perfect Championships in NSW.  During last week’s Education Perfect championships St Edward’s students were challenged to get 500 points each and they more than stepped up to the mark.

Many Year 8’s earned much more than that with Harrison Brame and Jacques Engelbrecht earning over 3000 (around 8000 questions each), while Kit Gillings, Blair Caulfield and Charles Cartwright earned over 2000 (around 5000 questions each).  All students are to be congratulated however with many boys earning many more points than they thought they could!  With the overall number of correctly answered questions from St Edward’s students of 326,077!

In addition, as other Key Learning Area’s were battling their peer classes and schools – our tally was boosted and we came 2nd overall (all Key Learning Areas) in the 251-500 student category out of 64 schools, and 4th overall out of 307 schools.