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Trudy Noller, UAC’s Community Engagement Manager, presented a webinar about the ATAR and UAC application process for parents of Year 12 students. Trudy provides an overview of the ATAR and UAC applications in 2024-2025 and details everything you need to know about key dates, preferences and offers. Subscribe to UAC’s Parent Update newsletter to stay informed:

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ATAR Calculation to Application: A Parent’s Roadmap to Uni Entry (


Early offer run-down

UAC applications are off to a strong start, with thousands of Year 12 students having already applied. So it’s a good time to set some clear expectations about when they might receive an offer.

The ATAR is still the main selection tool used by the majority of unis. Therefore, most offers to Year 12 students will be made from December Round 2 (23 December) onwards, after the release of ATARs on 18 December.

However, there are other ways for students to show that they’re ready to succeed at tertiary study. This means they may be able to receive an offer to university before ATARs are released.

Offers made through UAC

The first offers to Year 12 students will be made to Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) applicants on 8 November 2024. Offers made then will be based on criteria like Year 11 results and the school’s rating of the student. They can be unconditional or conditional offers.

Unconditional offers don’t require the student to meet any other criteria (apart from completing Year 12). Conditional offers have additional requirements – usually a minimum ATAR or selection rank.

Before November, offers are made to applicants who are not in Year 12 this year and already have a qualification we can assess. They’re often applying to start a course in semester 2.

Offers directly from the institutions

In addition to submitting an SRS application, Year 12 students can apply directly to individual institutions for an early offer. Each institution has different application and offer dates, although no offers will be made before September. All the details are on our website.