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Books Available to Parents
The Library have recently added a variety of young adult (specifically boys) mentoring books to their collection.

Please see below, short summaries of some of the books and how to borrow them:

The Boy Crisis: Warren Farrell and John Gray

Examines issues challenging today’s young men in the areas of education, mental health, sexuality, and leadership, outlining a comprehensive blueprint for parents, teachers, and policymakers to help boys lead purpose-driven lives.






That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Ana Homayoun

At last, the solution for getting disorganized boys back on track. Missed assignments. Lack of focus and enthusiasm. Falling grades. For too many boys and their frustrated parents, these are the facts of life. But they don’t have to be. Top academic counselor Ana Homayoun has helped turn even the most disorganized, scattered, and unfocused boys into successful young people who consistently meet their personal and academic challenges. She does this by getting back to basics- -starting with a simple fact: Most boys needs to be taught how to get organized, how to study, and– most important–how to visualize, embrace and meet their own goals.



Cracking the Boy Code: Adam J. Cox

All too quickly, talkative, affectionate young boys seem to slip away. Adolescents may be transformed overnight into reclusive, seemingly impenetrable young people who open up only to their friends and spend more time on devices than with family. How do you penetrate this shell before they are lost to you? Drawing on decades of experience garnered through thousands of hours of therapy with boys, Cracking the Boy Code explains how the key to communicating with boys is understanding their universal psychological needs and using specific, straightforward communication techniques.






What A Son Needs From His Mom: Cheri Fuller

Through compelling true stories and solid principles, this book offers a blueprint for what sons need from their mums to become healthy, caring, confident young men. With specific advice for boys’ different ages, mums will learn the balance between controlling and letting go, how to cultivate their son’s unique masculinity, how to encourage a lasting relationship with God, and much more.







The Prince Boofhead Syndrome: Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson

Michael Carr-Gregg believes that too many Australian boys have got it too easy – and the result is a generation of ‘boofheads’: boys with huge egos who think they are too good to stack the dishwasher or turn up to school. They expect the world and give little in return. But things are about to change. From the author of The Princess Bitchface Syndrome and researcher Elly Robinson comes this essential companion book for boys. It serves as both a warning and a rescue manual for all desperate parents – why have some boys today become such egotistical and lazy creatures, what can you do to prevent it, and how do you deal with the situation if you’re caught up in the crisis? This book will ask the tough questions and deliver straightforward advice so that the parents of today can take back control. It is essential reading for everyone living with a teenage boy.




Raising Boys in the 21st Century: Steve Biddulph:

When published in 1997, Raising Boys was an instant bestseller. Few books have stayed in the hearts and minds of parents everywhere as much as Raising Boys. Now in an increasingly complicated and nuanced world, raising boys to become emotionally strong, kind and resilient men is even more important and relevant. In response to calls from parents around the world Steve Biddulph has completely updated and revised his seminal work to include all the latest international information and advice for parents on all the key issues of today.




If you would like to borrow any of these books from our school library, please follow the steps below:

  • Books can be borrowed directly through your son


  • An email can be sent to who will check out the book in your son’s name and leave it at the front office for pick-up.