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BBSSSA Water Polo
BBSSSA Water Polo

Another year of ‘so close, yet so far away’!

The St Eddie’s team had a cracking start to the tournament. Undefeated for the first 4 games and then went down in the Grand Final to finish runners up, again, to St Augustine’s, again. Our boys played incredibly well every game and just missed a few too many shots in the Grand Final. We had St Augustine’s worried when we beat them in the Quarter Final.

Thank you to the amazing group of boys that travelled to SOPAC, Homebush. We were caught in peak hour Friday afternoon traffic to arrive home after a 3 hour drive! The boys were patient and polite.


Pool Game Defeated St Peter’s College 13-0
Pool Game Defeated St Leo’s College 15-1
Quarter Final Defeated St Augustine’s College 4-2
Semi Final Defeated MacKillop 8-1
Grand Final Defeated by St Augustine’s 2-5



Year 8
Bryn O’Grady-Cousins
Luke Richards

Year 9
Jonty Clayton
Riley Marotta

Year 10
Jacob Curcio
Chet Robinson

Year 11
Harry Carpenter
Sam Gaffney
Sam Horwath
Kale Livesley
James Walker

Jacob celebrated his birthday by scoring his first goal in water polo (playing his first game and winning every swim up for the ball)! A valiant effort from Chet to be thrown in the deep end, literally. Thanks to Sam Horwath for his leadership as Captain for the day. Sam Gaffney had a fantastic tournament and was Best and Fairest for St Edward’s for the day. Harry Carpenter played a smart game and covered everyone else in defence. James Walker took a beating in centre forward and still came out smiling. Jonty Clayton had a solid performance in both attack and defence and weathered the physical opponents in style. Riley Marotta was like the Eveready Bunny, he just keeps on going. And our two youngsters, Bryn O’Grady-Cousins and Luke Richards who stepped up and took on the big boys with confidence! A big thank you to Kale Livesley who stepped in at the last minute to be goal keeper, and a mighty fine one at that, only 9 goals scored against us and 42 for us.