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Art Turns Digital
Art Turns Digital

In this age, when our devices tend to be needed in every facet of our lives, traditional art media may seem forgotten. However, even art turns to devices to build on our practice and add a new level to our art making.

Year 9 have been working on a traditional art unit based on Gothic architecture and Gargoyles. Using the artist Chris Ryniak as our inspiration, the students of year 9 art have produced fantastic drawings, models and ceramics of gargoyles and other Gothic elements. This term, we have introduced yet another layer to our learning – that of 3D printing.

Using our new WASP 3D printer, the art students have downloaded STL files and adapted them using the new CURA software. These files are then turned into Gcode files and uploaded into the printer. The printer then transfers these files into 3D forms using PLA plastic filament.

If traditional art has always interested you and you would like to push your own learning of typical art forms to the next level, see the Art staff for pathways into Art courses at St Edward’s.