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A Busy Term for the Mathematics Department
Well the year has certainly flown by. We are more than halfway through Term 3 already.

The staff in the Mathematics Department have been very busy, setting and marking common assessments and writing Year 12 reports.

This week (week 8) all Year 7 – 10 students are sitting for this term’s common assessment. The results of these assessments will be used to assist in determining student’s grades for their Semester 2 report.

At the start of the year the Mathematics staff decided to introduce Learning Logs as a study/revision tool to assist students in Years 7 – 10. The purpose of the Learning Log was to get students writing a summary of each unit they studied. Students were shown examples of what a learning log could look like such as content notes, diagrams and examples.

On the day student’s sit for their assessment they hand their logs to their classroom teacher who checks them and records a mark out of 5. These marks are recorded in the markbook for each Year group.

The rationale or the “big picture” view is that the Mathematics Staff believe that if we can get the boys writing a summary about the Mathematics they are learning, they may continue to use this practice when studying a Mathematics level in Years 11 and 12 as they prepare to sit for the HSC.

To the students’ credit, many have seen the value of a learning log as another way to improve their learning in this subject.

At this time it is also important to acknowledge the contribution of Year 12. This group of young men are in the home straight in their preparation for this year’s HSC examinations. To Adam, Freddie, Patrick and the prefect body you have set a remarkable standard of leadership and academic success this year. We wish Year 12 all the best for their upcoming examinations and success in their future endeavours post school.


Mr Richard Massey
Mathematics Coordinator