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Principles of Enrolment
‘Our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good.’ – (Edmund Rice Education Australia Charter 2017)

St Edward’s College is an inclusive Catholic community conducted in the Edmund Rice Tradition. Catholic students applying from Catholic Primary Schools are offered priority in enrolment. Students from other Non-Government and Government Schools are also welcome to make application for enrolment as we value our association with parents and their son/s from all religious denominations.

As an Edmund Rice School, we are guided by Catholic Social teaching, which states that, ‘each person possesses a basic dignity that comes from God, not from any human quality or accomplishment, not race, gender, age or economic status’. We aim to provide an education where the dignity of each young person is paramount.

The College’s foundation in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church is fundamental to its existence.  There is a programed system of Religious Education instruction in the Catholic faith as well as provision for experiences that assist students to explore their spirituality culminating in the senior retreat program.

The College endeavours to be a living Catholic Community through the way in which we treat each other and develop positive respectful relationships through our well-being programs and practices.  A compulsory program of Service Learning through a Social Justice Program operates through Years 8 to 12 and is a condition of continued enrolment

The relationship we establish with families throughout their son’s educational journey is of paramount importance in building young men who exemplify the Catholic values that underpin an Edmund Rice Education.

As an Inclusive Community, St Edward’s College Gosford does not exclude students based on academic ability. We are accepting of students with various abilities and diverse learning backgrounds and gifts.  We are committed to serving the individual needs of each person, providing teaching and learning experiences that are authentic, relevant, rigorous and creative.

We are committed to providing a holistic education integrating faith with culture and learning, while instilling an appreciation of the need to strive for the greater good of all society.

Priorities of Enrolment

Preference for enrolment will be given to boys currently attending Catholic Primary Schools and to Catholic boys attending Non-Catholic Schools. However, our current College Community does include boys and families from other Christian and non-Christian faith traditions and we continue to invite and welcome such applications.

When considering enrolment priority, the College Enrolment Committee will consider the families’ acceptance of and commitment to the ethos and goals of the College, in conjunction with the following criteria:

  • Catholic boys currently attending Catholic Primary feeder schools
  • Catholic boys currently attending other Catholic primary schools
  • Catholic boys currently attending Government and Non-Government primary schools
  • Boys who have a brother/s enrolled at St Edward’s College
  • Boys who are sons of ex-students of St Edward’s College
  • Boys who are from other Christian denominational tradition known to their faith community
  • Boys who are from other Christian denominational traditions
  • Boys who are from non-Christian faith traditions

Once an application for enrolment has been made, an interview will be organised with the Principal, the Director of Enrolments or a member of the College staff.  In this important part of the enrolment process, we endeavour to discern expectations of parents concerning an education at St Edward’s; clarify the expectations we have, and ensure that there is a compatibility of aims and expectations which can be mutually productive.

After first round of offers have been accepted, further offers will then be made according to the criteria above.

The College Principal may digress from these guidelines for pastoral reasons.

In general, places that become available after the commencement of the school year are offered to students, with consideration given to class numbers, subject and elective choices.