Priority of Enrolment
As a Catholic College, our aim is to first try and accommodate students applying from Catholic Primary Schools. However, students from other Non-Government and Government Schools are welcome as well. We value our association with families from Christian denominations other than Catholic.

St Edward’s College does not exclude students on the basis of academic ability therefore accepting students with varied abilities and diverse learning backgrounds. We are committed to the enrolment of students with disabilities who are likely to benefit from the inclusive model which we operate. Once an application for enrolment has been made, an interview will be organised with the Principal, the Assistant Principal or a member of the College Executive.

In the enrolment process, we endeavour to discern what the expectations are concerning education at St Edward’s, clarify the expectations we have of them and ensure that there is a compatibility of aims and expectations which can be mutually productive.

When considering enrolment priority, the College Enrolment Committee will examine the following criteria:

  • The Catholic boys currently attending Catholic Primary feeder schools
  • The Catholic boys currently attending other Catholic primary schools
  • The Catholic boys currently attending Government and Non-Government primary schools
  • Boys who have a brother/s enrolled at St Edward’s College
  • Boys who are sons of ex-students of St Edward’s College
  • Boys who are from other Christian denominational tradition known to their faith community
  • Boys who are from other Christian denominational traditions
  • Boys who are from non-Christian faith traditions

Once the first round of offers has been made to students of Year 7 families, further offers will then be made according to the criteria above.

In general, places that become available after the commencement of the school year will be filled by the student who best suits the place being vacated, eg class numbers, subjects and elective choices.

The Enrolment Committee and College Principal may digress from these guidelines for pastoral reasons