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A Day in the Life of St Edward’s College
A Day in the Life at St Edward’s College provides an opportunity for Year 6 students to explore and experience some of the opportunities that the College has to offer.

Throughout the day each student will experience a program that could include Visual Arts, Science, PDHPE, English Literacy, Mathematics, HSIE and Industrial Technology. Students are accompanied by members of the St Edward’s staff, and our senior students.

‘We had the best day’, is how many of the Year 6 students from primary schools across the coast respond after spending the day at the College.

Science experiments, playing Kahoot in the Learning Centre, slam dunking in PE, painting a bookmark in art, jamming with Year 10 boys in music and finally making a wooden box in woodwork are some of the learning experiences that the boys may be involved in.

This day is usually held in March of each year.