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Gifted and Talented
St Edward’s College implements a diverse range of programs and initiatives aimed at extending talented students in a variety of Academic, Creative, Technological and Sporting pursuits.

In the academic domain, students are encouraged to enter competitions in Mathematics, Science, English, Debating, Mock Trial and Computing. Workshops are designed and run in some of these faculties and students who demonstrate ability and interest are invited to attend. Teachers also develop units of work that include extension activities and modules to challenge the more academically capable students.

In the creative domain, students who are talented in the area of Visual Arts are invited to attend workshops and additional classes to further develop these talents.

Talented musicians are encouraged to participate in the College Band, Jazz Group or Guitar Group and the Biannual College Musical. Students interested in Drama are also encouraged to perform in the College Musical, at Friday assemblies and paraliturgies throughout the year.

In the senior years talented students are extended through the offering of Extension One and Two subjects in English, Mathematics and History. Students who demonstrate a talent in the creative and technological areas can chose from a variety of subjects that will further foster their particular skills (eg, Industrial Technology Timber and Graphics, Visual Arts, Photography, Drama and Music).

Students who demonstrate a talent in the sporting arena are given many opportunities to develop their skills through the numerous representative sporting competitions available at the College. All the competitions maintain pathways to representation at an elite level.