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Stage 4

Technology Mandatory

Course Overview

The aim of the Technology course is to develop students’ ability to design, produce and evaluate solutions that respond to identify opportunities and needs. It enables students to justify solutions and to responsibly, safely and creatively use and select materials, tools and techniques.

At St Edward’s Year 7 and 8 will undertake activities in a ten week unit ‘Area of Study’ which is identified under the following classification:

  • Products – The focus of this is on objects, systems and artifacts
  • The Built Environment – This focuses on space, place, use and their creation and modification
  • Information and Communication – The focus here is various types of data and information for the purposes of conveying a message.

During these units the students will be required to undertake activities that will engage them in research, planning, drawing (both hand and CAD), manufacturing and evaluating the product. Each Area of Study has clearly defined assessment items that will evaluate the student’s level of achievement of the syllabus outcomes. Activities will take place in a variety of workshop environments that include Wood, Metal, Plastics, Graphical and Electronic technologies. For this reason there is extensive safety induction and supervision at all times.