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Stage 5

Science Year 9 and 10

Whilst Years 9 and 10 form a continuum of knowledge, Science in Years 9 and 10 are taught differently. In Year 9, students are taught all topics by a single teacher. This allows them to develop a strong rapport and working relationship with their teacher and peers. However, in Year 10, in preparation for further study of Science courses, classes rotate through subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with each subject being taught by a senior teacher of that subject. This allows students to develop a deeper knowledge of each subject and to make informed decisions when making subject selections for Years 11 and 12.

In Year 9, the following units are studied:

  • Dynamic Earth
  • Short Circuit
  • Control and Coordination in Living Systems
  • Energy
  • History of the Atom and the Periodic Table
  • A Local Ecosystem

In Year 10, the following units are taught through a rotation system:

  • Biology 1 – Genetics
  • Biology 2 – Evolution
  • Chemistry 1 – Reactions 1
  • Chemistry 2 – Reactions 2
  • Physics 1 – Motion
  • Physics 2 – Waves and Space

Assessment in Years 9 and 10 is across the form, with each student completing identical assessment tasks. This allows comparison of each students’ ability, and in Year 10, the task type and difficulty reflects the expectations and depth of understanding required to study at a higher level.

Assessment tasks are designed to complement the skills learnt in class and can take a variety of forms including: Knowledge and Understanding tests, practical/skills tasks, research tasks, ICAS Science competition and individual practical based Student Research Projects (SRP).


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