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Stage 6
It is an expectation of every senior student at the College that they participate fully in the Religious Education program of the school. This includes lessons, liturgies, excursions and retreats. The Year 11 and Year 12 retreats form an integral part of the College curriculum and are, therefore, compulsory for each senior student.

Year 11 Retreat

This retreat provides our Year 11 students with a unique opportunity to witness practical Christianity in action. The students will stay in Sydney and will see many social justice initiatives of the Catholic Church and other Christian organisations in and around the heart of the city. They will meet people involved in organisations such as the Matthew Talbot Hostel, the Sydney City Mission, Youth of the Streets and those who work with Aboriginal people and homeless and addicted people.

The aim of this retreat is to enable the students to experience, first hand, the heart of Christianity. We want them to understand what our College, through its traditional links with Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, stands for and is attempting to teach in our Religious Education program.

Year 12 Retreat

This retreat provides our Year 12 students with an opportunity to reflect on their personal journey at a significant time in their life. The students will be taken to a country setting, the Christian Brothers Retreat Centre at Mulgoa, where they will work with a retreat team. The team will facilitate an experience that will consist of group activities, discussion, personal thinking time and prayer. These activities are designed to enable the students to look at where their life is at present and where they might be headed in the not too distant future. They will be guided by the team to reflect on their relationships with others and with God. There will be time set aside for recreation, relaxation and/or study. One of the main features of the retreat is that this will be a shared, unique experience in their final Year at St Edward’s College. It should prove to be a memorable and rewarding experience for each student.

Catholic Studies Year 11 and 12 (Compulsory)

The aim of Catholic Studies is to assist students in their faith development, to challenge them intellectually and lead them to an understanding of the traditions of the Catholic faith. Students will study the Catholic Church in the Modern World, the Meaning of Life and Death, Experiences of Prayer, and Conscience and Decision Making. There is no HSC examination, however exams are a part of the assessment schedule.

This course does not count towards your ATAR.


Assessments include research, oral presentation, essays and exams.

Studies of Religion Year 11 and 12 (Elective)

Studies of Religion explores the nature of Religion as an integral part of human experience and a component of every culture. While our main focus is the study of Christianity, the course also requires a study of two of the other four major world religious traditions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and, in particular, we compare and contrast Judaism with Christianity. The history and expression of Religion on Australian culture, including aboriginal spirituality, is also a key area of study.

This course does count towards your ATAR as a 1 Unit course.

This course requires a high level of literacy skills. Unless students are achieving A or B grades in either English or History/Geography on their school reports, they should not choose this course.


Assessment will take the form of research, structured essays, exams, oral presentation.

Year 11 Studies of Religion Year 12 Studies of Religion
  • The Nature of Religion
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Religious Traditional Depth Study
  • Religion and Belief System in Australia Post 1945
  • Religious Tradition Depth Study – Christianity
  • Religious Tradition Depth Study – Judaism


Year 11 Studies in Catholic Thought

  • The Search for Meaning
  • Church History – Christianity
  • Aboriginal Spirituality


Year 12 Studies in Catholic Thought

  • Conscience and Decision Making
  • Death and Dying
  • Experiences of Prayer
  • The Church in the Modern World