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Stage 6


Course: Personal Development, Health and

Physical Education

Course No: 15320

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course

Exclusions: Nil

Course Description

The Preliminary course examines a range of areas that underpin health and physical activity. This includes how people think about health and physical activity, the management of personal health and the basis for how the body moves. Students have the opportunity to select from a range of practical options in areas such as first aid, outdoor recreation, composing and performing, and fitness choices.

In the HSC course, students focus on major issues related to Australia’s health status. They also look at factors that affect physical performance. They undertake optional study from a range of choices. This includes investigating the health of young people or of groups experiencing health inequities. In other options, students focus on improved performance and safe participation by learning about advanced approaches to training or sports medicine concepts. There is also an opportunity to think critically about the factors that impact on sport and physical activity in Australian society.

Topics Covered
Preliminary CourseCore Topics (60%)

  • Better Health for Individuals
  • The Body in Motion

Optional Component (40%)

Students select two of the following options:

  • First Aid
  • Composition and Performance
  • Fitness Choices
  • Outdoor Recreation



HSC Course

Core Topics (60%)

  • Health Priorities in Australia
  • Factors Affecting Performance

Optional Component (40%)

Students select two of the following options:

  • The Health of Young People
  • Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society
  • Sports Medicine
  • Improving Performance
  • Equity and Health
Particular Course Requirements
In addition to core studies, students select two options in each of the Preliminary and HSC courses.


Certificate II in Sport (Coaching) – Being phased out in 2020

In studying Certificate II in Sport Coaching, students will acquire a range of skills and competencies that are valued and recognised in the sport and recreation industry.

Students will cover topics that include: sports coaching styles and practices, practical skills that relate to a range of sports, refereeing and officiating qualifications, potential careers in sport, communication in the workplace, occupational health and safety, first aid, and dealing with the media.

This course does not count towards your ATAR, it is a Board Endorsed Course.

Work placement – students must complete a minimum of 70 hours compulsory work placement in a sport and recreation environment – usually one week in Year 11 and another week in Year 12.

When students achieve a unit of competency, it is signed off by the assessor in the student logbook. Students receive a certificate of attainment for all modules successfully completed, thus enabling them some exemptions from TAFE in their first year.


Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies – Content Endorsed Course

Students will learn about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and recognise the need to be responsible and informed decision-makers.

This course enables students to further develop their understanding of and competence in a range of sport and recreational pursuits.  They are encouraged to establish a lifelong commitment to being physically active and to achieving movement potential.

This course is recommended for those interested in the Sport and Recreation industry.

What will students learn about?

Through the course students will develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence health and participation in physical activity
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles that impact on quality of performance
  • An ability to analyse and implement strategies to promote health, activity and enhanced performance
  • A capacity to influence the participation and performance of self and others

This course provides the opportunity to specialise in areas of expertise or interest through optional modules such as:

  • Aquatics
  • Athletics
  • Games and Sports Applications I
  • Sports Coaching and Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Individual Games and Sports Applications
  • Games and Sports Applications II