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Stage 5

Physical Activity and Sports Studies (Pass)

The PASS course aims to build on the positive values and attitudes towards sport, exercise, fitness and health, gained in the PD/H/PE 7-10 Course. In order to accomplish this, students are given the opportunity to analyse individual and community attitudes towards sport. Students are challenged to assess their current level of physical activity and are provided with relevant information and methods for improving fitness. Students will also develop skills associated with the analysis of fitness and sporting performance to enable them to transfer this information to their own lifestyles.

This course is offered as two 100 hour courses or as one 200 hour course and is structured in the following manner:

Year 9: 100 Hour Course

Year 10: 100 Hour Course

  • Module 1: The Body in Action
  • Module 2: Practice, Precision and Participation
  • Module 3: World Games
  • Module 4: Sport Aerobics
  • Module 5: Event Case Study
  • Module 6: Physical Activity and Sport Opportunities
  • Module 1: Issues in Sport
  • Module 2: Enhancing Performance
  • Module 3: The Outdoor Challenge
  • Module 4: Active and Healthy

Course A and B combined equates to the 200 hour course.

The format of lessons is a combination of theory and practical sessions designed to improve students’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts explored. This course would be particularly relevant for those students who have an interest in Sport and Physical Education. Students who may be interested in a career associated with the sporting industry, such as physiotherapist, gym instructor, sports trainer, sports writer or recreation officer, as well as those students who desire to improve their knowledge and skill for their own personal use are encouraged to consider this elective.