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Stage 4

All students study the following:

Year 7

  • Notation (The Concepts of Music)
  • Guitar beginner’s course
  • Instruments Around the world
  • 20th Century Stage Music

Year 8

  • History of Rock Music (Australian Focus)
  • Blues Music
  • Guitar extension course
  • Music for Radio , TV and Film

What will students learn to do?

In Music, students learn to perform music in a range of musical contexts, compose music that represents the topics they have studied and listen with discrimination, meaning and appreciation to a broad range of musical styles. The study of the concepts of music underpins the development of skills in performing, composing and listening.

Music students in Year 7-8 are provided with a creative environment filled with the latest technology to support their learning needs. All students complete musical tasks and enjoy a wide range of experiences including singing, guitar, keyboards, percussion and computer music.

Assessment Procedures

Three components are assessed throughout the course:

  • Performance – Individual and group performances
  • Composition – improvisations and computer assisted compositions
  • Listening – aural awareness of the concepts of music