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Stage 5

Food Technology Year 9 and 10 (Elective)

Food Technology is a dynamic and ever changing area of study. This course is structured to ensure that all students gain knowledge, skills and attitudes about the production, processing, properties, marketing, nutritive value and composition of food. Students will learn about food in a variety of settings, enabling them to evaluate the relationship between food, technology, nutritional status and the quality of life.

It is expected that students will develop confidence and proficiency in their practical skills which could be put into use at home, in a part-time job or in future life experiences. All units of work are developed to meet student’s needs and interests and each unit of work has practical activities that will enhance the student’s development.

Over the two years, students will learn about the following:

  • Food preparation and processing
  • Nutrition and consumption
  • Food selection and health
  • Food product development
  • Food for special needs
  • Food in Australia
  • Food for special occasions
  • Food service and catering

Assessment will be based on:

  • 40% Practical
  • 60% Theory, tests, assignments and excursion reports

This subject can be continued in Years 11 and 12 in either 2 Unit Food Technology or as the Vocational Educational Hospitality Operations Course.