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St Edward’s College and St Joseph’s College host a combined disco on three occasions each year. The tradition is much loved and well attended by students from both schools.

Discos are a chance for social interaction between students from the two schools. The discos are held in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment with 100% of profits raised going to both schools via St Edward’s Parents and Friends Association.

The Disco Committee, a sub-committee of St Edward’s Parents and Friends Committee, and volunteer parent supervisors are responsible for the running of the discos. This includes purchasing supplies for the disco canteen, booking the DJ, assisting in the cloak room, collecting money at the door and general supervision in and around the disco. A security guard is also employed for the evening from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Disco Rules

  • Students need to bring some form of identification with them.
  • The cloak room will not mind mobile phones.
  • Chew gum it not to be brought – it is very difficult to remove from the floor of the hall.
  • Shoes with tapered (especially stiletto) heels are not allowed.
  • Students cannot leave without parents arriving to collect them.
  • Appropriate dress must be worn, avoiding clothing with offensive logos.
  • Glow sticks are not allowed – they can break and mark the surface of the hall
  • Students are not allowed on the stage.
  • Lifting people onto shoulders or dancing inappropriately is not allowed.

Other information

  • Entry fee is $10 payable at the door.
  • Students may be random breath tested as part of the entry procedure, and during the evening.
  • Parents are expected to collect their son promptly at 10 pm.
  • Parents are not to enter the disco area, but are to wait in the bus shelter area or outside the College grounds.
  • Those who are assisting with supervision must register, sign a ‘prohibited person declaration form’ and obtain an identification tag.

A number of parent volunteers are required for the safe and effective operation of the disco. Without sufficient parent volunteers, the disco cannot proceed. If you can spare a few hours to supervise, please print and complete the form and return it to the College or alternatively email to