Home Study Statement
Homework refers to all work teachers expect students to do out of school hours, i.e., assignments, daily homework, preparation for tests, reading of set texts, study for examinations etc. Educational research indicates that homework has an important role to play in the learning process.

Teachers at St Edward’s College set a variety of homework ranging from homework to be completed in one night, work to be completed over a few nights, to longer assignments requiring two or more weeks to complete.

StudyAims of Homework

Homework at St Edward’s College has its goals:

  • to reinforce, consolidate and improve skills taught in class,
  • to encourage good study habits,
  • to develop self discipline and independent learning, and
  • to extend students beyond the work normally taught in class.

Amount of Homework Given to Students

The amount of homework given to students will vary from teacher to teacher and subject to subject. Some subjects lend themselves more easily to homework, especially homework that can be completed overnight.

Note: the total time spent in homework over a week for a student in Year 7 should not exceed 6 hours. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher of a given subject if they have concerns about the amount homework (too much or too little) being set for their son.

Non-Completion of Homework

If students consistently fail to complete homework, teachers will usually contact parents by letter, phone or a note in the student’s book. Prior to contacting parents, teachers use a variety of techniques to encourage students to complete homework. For example, providing time in school hours (eg at lunch) where some or all homework can be completed or imposing a school service penalty on the student.