Year 12 Retreats at Winbourne, Mulgoa

The retreats of 2016 will be remembered for the great enthusiasm and involvement of all students who attended. Year 12 were given the opportunity to participate in important spiritual experiences on their three day Retreat amid the peaceful and serene environment at the Mulgoa Retreat Centre. They didn’t waste this opportunity.

Thanks to Father Jim, Father George, Father Andrew, Father Timothy and our guest presenter Mr Phil Proust as well as the staff from the College for their dedication to our Retreat program. Many staff from the College were instrumental in leading the boys through reflection, prayer, discussion about ‘Images of God’, ‘What it is to be a Man in the 21st Century’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘The Importance of Communication’, and their future directions. The celebration of Eucharist was very special as it is the last Retreat for this cohort. Parents and staff should be very proud of the input and maturity shown by Year 12.

Our guest speakers for the retreat were Mr Phil Proust, Mr Damien Stockwell and Mrs Thomas. All three spoke brilliantly and the boys left with lots to think about. Their talks were informative and inspiring and were well received by Year 12 students.

I am confident that these quality experiences will have a lasting effect upon our boys in preparing them for the future. I have no doubt that in years to come, many boys will remember these few days as being very significant in their lives. I thank and congratulate all Year 12 students for the quality of their involvement.

The staff at Mulgoa were lavish in their praise of these fine young men from St Edward’s. They could not speak highly enough of their positive attitude, friendliness, cooperation, courtesy, and willingness to enter completely into the spirit of the Retreat. A typical comment about the boys was, ‘I can’t get over how well rounded they are, probably because they have been exposed to a variety of social justice experiences.’ This particular group is a great credit to their families and the College.

A special thank you to Mr Speziale the Year 12 Coordinator, and Mrs Toomey our REC for all the great work they did during these important days of review and reflection.