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College Athletics Carnival
The College will be conducting our Athletics carnival on Friday 25 August at Adcock Park, West Gosford. The following are some important practical details in regard to the carnival.  It is compulsory for all boys to attend and rolls will be taken throughout the day.  We need all boys to be at Adcock Park by 8.45 am.  Parents are welcome to attend. If students want to compete in the 1500 m event, they must be at the oval ready to race by 8.30 am. Transport Normal school buses to and from school will run in the morning / afternoon. Boys from the southern end of the coast will be dropped off near McDonald’s at West Gosford.  Students are then required to cross the Central Coast Highway at the pedestrian lights immediately outside McDonalds where a staff member will be stationed to direct them safely across the main road. All other students traveling by bus are required to catch their normal bus to the College and at 8.30 am they will be directed to make their way to Adcock Park. Staff will be stationed along the way to direct students to the correct and safest crossing points.  They will not be permitted to cross at any other points. This is most important for their safety and wellbeing. Other students may make their own way to the carnival if appropriate. All students requiring afternoon bus transport will return on foot to the College under the close supervision of staff and catch the afternoon school specials as normal. Uniform For identification purposes, it is imperative that all St Edward’s boys attend the carnival in their College track suit/sports uniform. This is most important so that we can carry out appropriate supervision of all the boys on that day. Senior students who don’t have a sports uniform should wear appropriate sports clothing, possibly in their house colours. General Directions As maximum participation is the aim of the day, points will be allocated for every student entering an event. Boys need to be equally prepared for the weather, especially at this time of the year. There is little protection from the elements at Adcock Park, so boys also need to bring a hat and sun protection cream etc. The BBQ/canteen will be run on the day as a fundraiser by the Year 12 students and is on a cash only There is no facility for use of flexischool accounts or student cards at Adcock Park. The boys are asked not to bring footballs, basketballs or soccer balls with them as there will be no opportunity to use them on the day. The balls can be a hazard on a day such as this. It is imperative that no boy brings along large sums of money or valuable audio equipment etc. In these situations it is impossible for the College to take responsibility for items that go missing on the day. In the event of obvious inclement weather, boys would need to come to school prepared for the normal Friday timetable. A posting will be listed on the College Facebook page and the College App. No announcement definitely means the carnival will go ahead.    Only if the carnival is to be cancelled, will an announcement be made after 6.30 am on the radio stations (2GO, Sea FM and Star FM).  For the sake of the credibility of the College, it is most important that boys do not ring the stations for news of a cancellation as it would cause grave inconvenience. The co-operation of boys and their families with these guidelines will ensure that it is an enjoyable day for all in attendance.  Under normal circumstances the carnival should conclude by 2.15 pm.  No boys will be permitted to leave the oval before that time.  I would ask that parents co-operate in not asking for their sons to leave before that time.
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Science Week
It is currently National Science Week and St Edward’s are celebrating through several activities aimed at increasing student awareness, application and involvement in science this week. On Monday, Year 9 attended an incursion on Forensic Science – A Case of Conspiracy – run by Education Interactive. An 18 year old boy is arrested for a murder which he claims to know nothing about. The murdered man was shot three time and found next to a burnt out car in bushland. A gun, drugs and a stash of money were found at the home of the accused. Students will examine the crime scene and analyse the evidence including arson, autopsy, DNA, and ballistics. On top of the science this case also deals with drug awareness and the impacts of hanging out with the wrong crowd.   During this incursion, boys are encouraged to use their analytical skills to act as Forensic Scientists examining crime scene evidence to determine who carried out the deed and to hopefully help clear the name of those wrongfully accused. The boys were encouraged to use the weight of evidence, rather than just go with “gut instinct” when deciding on the guilty party. On Wednesday, we are once again delighted to host Ruben Meerman – aka, The Surfing Scientist. Students from Years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to witness Ruben carry out a range of thought provoking experiments that link what their pre-existing knowledge to contemporary and current affairs news items that have global implications – from global warming to the inappropriate use of commercially available lasers and the boys have the chance to discuss with Ruben his recent ground breaking study on how weight lost is expelled through breathing. Ruben’s wealth of knowledge and experience working with leading researchers and science communicators, as well as his unbound enthusiasm will definitely inspire a new generation of scientists. On Thursday and Friday the College host 6 of our Catholic primary feeder schools Year 5 students in the 5th annual Science and Engineering Discovery Days. Lead by students from the Year 9 and Year 10 extension classes, the days involve the students undertaking a range of hands-on problem solving activities that range from bridge building, through to creating earthquake proof buildings and code breaking. These two days are fantastic opportunities to further build links within our school communities, while providing a chance for our students to demonstrate leadership skills while offering authentic learning opportunities in STEM education for our partner schools. Also, throughout the week many science classes have been undertaking the Education Perfect World Science Championships online. This is a challenge where students complete a range of questions covering all aspects of science and technology, with points being awarded per correct response, with live feedback given, as well as ranking in NSW Catholic Schools and across the globe. I wish all our students undertaking this task the best of luck and hope they gain a greater confidence in their ability from this task. It is with thanks to the fantastic Science Faculty at the College that these activities, and the many other extra-curricular learning activities that take place throughout the year take place. Happy Science week and embrace your inner geek. Mr Trent Foster Science Coordinator Forensic Science [smallgallery fooid="7057"] Ruben Meerman, The Surfing Scientist [smallgallery fooid="7098"]  
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Liberating Education
We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all. - EREA Charter As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition St Edward's College: Encourages all members of the school community to work to the best of their ability, to realise their potential and to strive for equity and excellence Serves the needs of each person, providing teaching and learning experiences that are authentic, relevant, dynamic and creative Provides a learning culture that enables students to experience success within a safe and healthy environment Provides a holistic education integrating faith with culture and learning while giving an appreciation of the need to strive for the greater good of all society (Tip:  View YouTube video in High Definition by selecting 'cog' icon in bottom right-hand corner and selecting High Definition in the quality setting) [embed][/embed]      
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Parent/Teacher Interviews Login Information
Parent/Teacher Interviews for Term 3 will be held on two evenings, Tuesday 22 August (Week 6) and Thursday 31 August (Week 7). These two evenings will be for all year groups and will be a good opportunity for parents and staff to meet and discuss the progress of students.  It will also be a good opportunity for parents of Year 12 students to discuss the Trial HSC examination results and the lead up to the HSC exams, and for parents of Year 11 students to discuss the upcoming Preliminary HSC exam period that will take place in the last two weeks of Term 3. Parents will be able to book appointments for either of the evenings that suit.  Please note that interviews on Tuesday 22 August will commence at 3:30 pm and conclude at 8:30 pm with a staggered dinner break for staff during the evening.  Interviews on Thursday 31 August will commence at 3:30 pm and will conclude at 6:30 pm.  All interviews will be of five (5) minutes duration. The Parent/Teacher interview bookings are managed with an internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO). It will save time for parents, staff and students. Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best. Access to the system will be available from Monday 14 August at 7.00 pm and will be closed off for bookings the day before interviews. Please follow these steps to access the system: Click here go to the PTO website Click on “Obtain PIN/Password” (you will need to supply your email address) Enter your email address and click on "Send Email" Check your email in-box for your login details or click on the link in the email Go back to the PTO website, login with the details supplied via email Follow the online instructions to complete the bookings. Please note that in Step 1 of the booking process you will need to select the start date and time by scrolling through the drop-down menu until you reach your desired start time. For additional information please click on the links below [ptoquickguide] If you encounter any problems using PTO please contact the school office on 4321 6400.
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Science Just Got Tasty!
Mr Grant's Year 8 Science class experienced a very 'tasty' lesson this week. They are studying cell theory and the use of scientific models. Students researched cell organelle function and appearance. They were given a selection of ingredients and asked to model a basic animal or plant cell, including at least four organelles. A messy but creative experience and a great opportunity to collaborate. They will remember these organelles forever! [smallgallery fooid="6996"]
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Back to St Edward’s – Reunion
St Edward's Old Boys are invited to attend a Back to St Edward's Day on Sunday 10 September 2017.
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Academic Assembly – Semester One
On Wednesday 19 July, the College held its mid-year Academic Assemblies in the Edmund Rice Centre. At these assemblies the College Community celebrated the academic achievements of students in Years 7 to 12 throughout Terms One and Two.  Many parents and family members were also in attendance to support and share in the students' achievements. Award Recipients | PDF   [smallgallery fooid="6891"]
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HSC Trial Examination Timetable
Please see the link below for the HSC Trial Examination Timetable The examinations commence Monday 31 July 2017 and conclude Monday 14 August 2017 HSC Trial Examination Timetable 2017  
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