Financial Matters
The College draws its support from the Commonwealth and State Government Grants, from the tuition fees paid by the parents, and from the voluntary fund-raising activities of parents groups such as the Parents and Friends Association.

The Current fees in 2017 are:

Year Tuition Building Levy (per family) Total Fees
7 $5754 $866 $6620
8 $5724 $866 $6620
9 $5724 $866 $6620
10 $5724 $866 $6620
11 $6838 $866 $7704
12 $6838 $866 $7704

Sibling discounts:

  • Years 7-10 second student discount is $794 and third student discount is $1586.
  • Years 11-12 second student discount is $1174 and third student discount is $2348.

Fee Policies

Parents are not asked to pay for such activities as excursions, camps and Friday sport. These are included in the school fee. Exceptions include TVet courses in Years 10, 11 and 12.


Annual fees may be paid in full by 17 February 2017, alternatively annual fees may be paid by a payment arrangement using weekly, fortnightly or monthly Direct Debit from a bank account or credit card.

Financial Hardship

There is a very compassionate process for those parents, who through genuine financial hardship are unable to pay all or part of the College fees. Such cases are considered by the Business Manager, the Principal and the College Finance Committee. Confidentiality is assured and some documentation will be required.

Pursuit of Unarranged Non-Payment of Fees

The College will pursue payment of fees where no arrangement has been made for delayed settlement. This can ultimately mean the use of a debt collection agency or the legal system, where requests for payment by the College have failed.

Withdrawal from School

Ten weeks notice of withdrawal of a boy from the School is required. Upon withdrawal, parents remain liable for a weekly pro-rata portion of all fees up to the withdrawal date or a date ten weeks after notice is given whichever is the latest. Notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Principal, not to any other member of school staff.


The College insures its own property. It does not insure the belongings of any student.

The College takes out 24-hour accident insurance (365 days/year, worldwide) on behalf of all students.