College Houses for House Cup
St Edwards College House Cup houses are determined by tutor groups. Please see below a list of tutor groups and the houses they represent.

(Blue House)

(Red House)

(Green House)

(White House)

Tutors Tutors Tutors Tutors
MY03 NT01 WO13 JM12
ML09 PD02 DR18 MC16
BK10 TF17 AP33 MB26
GC11 SH22 FT36 RM27
JG34 SM23 GH37 TC31
MA46 AH24 DR38 SI49
MS50 GB32 LW39 LA59
JK51 KN40 GS57 PB63
BS62 HE58 DS60 TD69
VH64 RD70 RS61 KD72
TR68 PT71


AP15 is made up of Prefects who remain in the house they were in during Year 11.

JC19 is made up of elite sportsmen who remain in the house they were in previously.